Mariachi Spectacular de Albuquerque 2024 – July 10th -13th

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About Mariachi Spectacular de Albuquerque


Mariachi Spectacular de Albuquerque’s mission is to promote culture, arts, and excellence in art education contributing to the cultural understanding and appreciation of Mariachi folk music and dance in New Mexico and beyond.  Mariachi Spectacular fulfills its mission through offering culture, arts, and educational events that attract a diverse group of performers and participants, bringing in master musicians from around the state, country and the world to support local education and arts development, and celebrating a very American form of folk art.  

All of this and much more can be achieved through programs and opportunities offered in MSA. MSA is continuously contributing to the cultural understanding and appreciation of folk and Mexican music. 

The Mariachi Spectacular’s Mission is to: respect, honor, preserve and promote mariachi music and the rich cultural traditions it embraces, through public performances and by providing formal education and professional training to:

  • Instill pride in cultural heritage;
  • Promote career development;
  • Foster appreciation of this vibrant art form;
  • Further understanding of cultural diversity; and

Develop a better & deeper understanding of how music and the arts can effectively teach history; influence our live; and advance inter-cultural relations. 

Mariachi Spectacular gets bigger and more spectacular with each year that passes. Between the musicians who come to study with Mariachi masters, and the tourists who come for an authentic Albuquerque experience, we’re drawing 12,000 fans per year… and we’re not done growing. 

Fans from across the globe can now watch streaming performances of our Student Showcase Concert. We’re delighted to report that about 25,000 people tuned in during each of the three years that these broadcasts have been available. 

Mariachi Spectacular draws global talent and enthusiasts, putting New Mexicans & Albuquerque in contact with some of the world’s best mariachi artists. Each year, Mariachi Spectacular attracts about 40-50 music groups, approximately 12 of which are homegrown. The majority of the Maestros do not reside in New Mexico. In this genre of music a unique humility exists among iconic members of the industry.  In our conferences, Maestros whom are distinguished musicians are willing travel the world to teach and share the culture of the music and its history.  Translating this to the Rock and Roll genre it is the equivalent of having Mick Jagger and Keith Richards teach vocals and guitar.  Mariachi Spectacular de Albuquerque attracts legends such a Stephen Carrillo, Mariachi Cobre and Jose Hernandez of Sol de Mexico who teach vocals and trumpet, respectively.  Each of these individuals are at the pinnacle of their professions in the mariachi music genre.   Their involvement provides a truly unique and extraordinary music educational experience for our youth.


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